Adam Mellema


Adam Mellema "Outstanding! Best storyteller of the summer!" - Cheryl Garrison, Kent District Library
"Fun! Fun! Fun!" - Amy Saidman, Washington Storytellers Theatre
"We can't get enough of Adam!" - Lori Derror, Mancelona Elementary School

He dances. He sings. He’s got the energy of ten cheetahs. With an exuberant style all his own, Adam plays all the characters in his stories: every man, woman, child, and paperweight. Performances are tailored from a collection of stories that includes ethnic folktales, familiar children’s stories, Bible stories (upon request), and off-the-wall original works.

In Washington DC, Adam created “Washington Talks!” a project that brought true stories of influential Washingtonians to the stage. The Washington Post celebrated “his audiences learned that even a place that famously lacks a distinctive identity is near to bursting with stories very much its own.” Adam’s newest work, “Remembering World War II,” shares the stories of those who were there in their own words. It has been highly regarded as both a gripping history lesson and a trip down memory lane.

Adam became smitten with storytelling as a ninth grader, competing in high school forensics all around Michigan. Three years in a row, he ranked among the top three storytellers in the state. Adam later spent two years studying acting at The [Goodman] Theatre School in Chicago, and received a BA in Theatre from Calvin College. Adam’s work as a storyteller has brought him across the country, spending about a third of his time on the road. He has been seen on CNN, at the Washington Storytellers Theatre, the Detroit Institute of Arts, The Perkins School for the Deaf and Blind in Boston, and in Salt Lake City during the 2002 Olympics.

In his “spare time,” Mellema brings his stories to the screen as a children’s television producer. Adam received a regional Emmy award for his work on Come On Over, a new kids show from Enthusiastic Productions. Adam was also a Writer/Producer of the popular Disney Channel “What’s What Editions,” including High School Musical 2, Camp Rock, and recently finished production on Charlie & Company, a new preschool show due out this summer from School Zone Publications.  

The Grand Rapids Press described Adam as “an energetic, gifted performer who has a wonderful grasp of expressive language.” Adam’s lecture workshops have brought him to Boston and Detroit as well as touring as a featured lecturer/performer with the Mahoney Children’s Workshop. Most days Adam recycles, jogs so he can eat more pastries, and dreams about learning to play the zither.